When I was little I used to build the houses for my dolls, enjoying more the making part than the playing itself. I was very artistic and my mum always said I should be an Arts teacher ("or something like that").

However, I didn't go to University straight away. Since I am very organised, good with computers and I like helping others, I decided to start working as an administrator at a service company so I could contribute financially at home. Working in offices has taught me many things, I have learnt and gained different skills that I can use also in my everyday life. But I wasn't using my whole potential.

Five years ago I moved from Barcelona to Weston-super-Mare on my own, looking for new challenges and chasing old dreams.

Now, I try to find the time to work on all the projects I can think of, while also studying something that I love: design, as my passion for learning seems endless.

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Some creative hobbies

Drumming with dragons


When I first came to England I was looking forward to get to know the authentic medieval and mystic side of the country, fortunately, I got to meet real dragons and the people who dance with them.

I started to go twice a year to Glastonbury to see them, until I decided to join the new band of drummers (I had always dreamed of playing in a drum marching band!) and now I get to be part of the magic too.




What have you been up to during lockdown? When one has so much free time in their hands crazy things can happen. I had this stupid idea of trying tattooing and so I started with some citrus fruit... whatever happened later wasn't my fault.