Crafts & other designs

Puppets and figures

Alien in spaceship

Materials used: paper, card, wood and glue.

Bobblehead Kodama

Made with clay, coil spring holding the head and painted with glow-in-the-dark paint.

Tiny heads

Made only out of masking tape and some black card. Prototype for bigger puppets.

Stop-motion puppets

Armature of standard wire, heads made of polystyrene and hair with different colour threads.

Work in progress, see video section for more info.

Delivery! the board game

For an OU project I had to design and make a board game based on a service, I choose parcel delivery service and I created this four-player game.

It has a big board with four different areas divided by colours, four peons based on different characters from the history of Royal Mail, two decks of cards for good and bad deeds and 100 little letter tokens. 

Each player starts with 10 letters which has to deliver to their delivery slots (or houses), the one who finishes first wins, they can get given more letters if they land on specific squares or pick the wrong card. Great fun!

Project Score: 96

Handmade clay jewellery

inspired by nature

Celestial collection:

Crescent moon necklace

Full moon earrings 

Moon jewellery dish

Zodiac signs key ring and necklace

Paradise collection:

Monstera leaf necklace

Elm leaf necklace

Elm leaf earrings

Palm leaves key ring

Monstera jewellery dish

Handmade accessories

Wooden circle key ring

Hand-painted with acrylics.

Glass badge

Watercolour little paintings glued to a fisheye glass, made into badges.

Wooden circle magnet

Watercolour paint on wood, glued to a strong magnet.


Watercolour painted little stickers with different designs, ideal to decorate other paper crafts.

Hand-painted wooden boxes

Celestial collection:

Galaxy design

Forest landscape

Night sky with personalised constellation